Remora Networks Solutions is a solution provider in the area of IT infrastructure. We provide solutions with these core competencies, Network, Systems, Security and services. We aim to be a valued added provider to our customers so that they can bring their business to the next level.

Latest Product

Bubble Fish

The atomisation disinfection robot employs the robot as a carrier to travel autonomously and disinfect several points. The air may be properly purified by the BooCax Bubble Fish(BBF) Spray Disinfection robot. By diluting and atomizing the disinfectant, small particles are formed that may efficiently prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses adhered to the surface of the object, with a sterilization rate of over 99.9 percent.

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Puductor 2

Given the current Covid condition, Puductor 2 is the upgraded version of PuduTech. Pudu robots offers a variety of options to combat the pandemic’s detrimental impact, including no-contact/low-contact features. Puductor 2 now includes both Dry Mist Disinfection and UV Disinfection, thanks to significantly improved technology. Providing and improving sanitary conditions for indoor activities.

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Security Bots

CCTVs are useful for security purposes, but for those who are looking for more than just a CCTV let us introduce to you our smart Security Robot. They are Co-Lab and Armstrong and they have many interesting features such as an extendable telescopic 360 degree camera and concierge capabilities.

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Concierge Robots

Concierge robots provide safe, contactless and on-time one-to-one deliveries. Guide guests to their designated rooms and greet each guest at the entrance. Explain and talk to guests about the hotel.

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TeamViewer Frontline

TeamViewer frontline is a fully integrated augmented reality solution. Frontline uses the most recent wearable computer technology to enhance manual work processes in a variety of sectors. Frontline is made to actively empower the human worker in a workplace that is becoming more and more digital.

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TeamViewer Tensor

Powered by the world’s largest remote connectivity infrastructure — spanning 200 countries and connecting more than 2.5 billion devices. TeamViewer Tensor™ is an enterprise remote connectivity cloud platform, enabling organizations to deploy a large-scale IT management framework to access, support, and control any device or machine quickly and easily from anywhere, anytime.

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