Delivery Series

Panda Delivery Robot

A food delivery robot in the shape of a panda, equipped with Remora's advanced autonomous scheduling system, high-precision navigation and positioning, to achieve efficient and accurate delivery tasks, a rear 15.6-inch high-definition advertising screen, which can play pictures/videos to realize personalized marketing promotion

Delivery Modes

Delivery Mode:
Efficient, accurate delivery will be made.

Cruise Mode:

Automatic cruise, displays advertisement of client configured to attract customers.

Dish Mode:

collecting dishes according to the set cruise route.

Birthday Mode:

Playing Birthday Song for customers.

Marketing uses

The rear 15.6-inch high-definition advertising screen can play pictures and videos, customize the background music and voice broadcast content, and create an exclusive special experience.

Autonomous Scheduling  System

Panda delivery robot’s unique autonomous scheduling system can meet the simultaneous delivery of multiple food delivery robots. The unified scheduling of food delivery robots is more flexible and efficient, which can avoid the blockage of food delivery robots and run in an orderly manner, which greatly improves the efficiency of delivery.

Automatic Charging

Each of our robots is equipped with an independent charging pile and a fixed charging position. When the robot power is lower than the minimum value, it will automatically return to the charging pile for charging without manual operation.

Operating System: Android 7.1 or higher
Overall Dimensions: 500mm*500mm*1325mm
Net Weight: 80kg
Touch Screen: 10.1-inch, resolution 1280 x 800
Display Screen:

16.5-inch, full viewing angle, screen ratio 16:9,

resolution 1920 * 1080

Charging Time: 4~5 H
Battery Life: Up to 8 H
Cruise Speed: 0.1~1.2m/s (Adjustable)
Body Material: 7inch, Resolution1024x600
Tray Weight Limit: ABS environmental protection plastic/ aviation grade aluminum alloy
Pallet Load: Customizable
Task Configuration: Self Define Task Settings
Working Life: 10~12 Hours
Move Parameters: 20kg / pallet

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