The security robot functions as a smart version of a CCTV. It has many different unique features such as a concierge, a storage component, an Extendable Telescopic 360 degree Camera and many more!


• Powered by Smart+
• Equipped with vision analytic modules for both security and facility management
• Provide autonomous path planning
• Virtual wall and virtual track
• Equipped with depth camera, ultrasonic sensor and cliff sensor to provide navigation based on multi-sensor data fusion. It can handle complicated and varying situations in different application
scenarios and have a reliable performance on the spot.
• Autonomous Recharging (Available for scheduling charging and it can autonomously go back to the
charger to recharge itself)
• Scans its surrounding environment in real time to provide map data and build high-precision map
• 4G Enabled with Wi-Fi access
• Extendable Telescopic Pole
• Tablet for communication angled at 15 degrees
• Ultrasonic Sensor
• Built in surround sound speakers
• Recordable Camera Feeds
• Concierge Capabilities
• PA System/Siren Alert
Light indicator:
> Blue (stable): Autonomously navigating
> Red (blinking): Emergency (stop)
> Yellow (stable): Idle
> Orange (blinking): Boom operation
> Green (blinking): Charging

Short video on Co-Lab features and functions!

Full Mission Versatility

Unit & Fleet Management

Smart+ OS

Built for mission versatility and platform agnostic
connectivity, combining superior performance
and reliability.


Our proprietary software is the only robot
operating software you need for all your smart
devices – one interface for all your robots


+ Point and Click Usability

+ Automated Alerts and Reports

+ Works with any Robot

+ Full Connectivity to Existing Backend Systems

+ AI Vision Analytics (Security and Facility Inspection)

+ Remote Cockpit

+ Lift Integration Capabilities

Vision Analytics (Security and Facility Inspection)

Vision Analytics (Security)

Diameter 500mm (±100mm)
Height Without extended Telescopic: 1500mm (±10mm)
With extended Telescopic: 2000mm (±10mm)
Weight Colab’s total weight: 80kg
RPLIDAR Maximum Scan Radius (On the surface with a 90% reflective rate)
25 meters
Ultrasonic Sensor Number: 6
Maximum Detecting Distance: 50cm
Depth Camera Number: 3
Detecting Distance Range: 3m (configured)
Cliff Sensor Number: 3
Minimum Detecting Depth: 5cm
Pressure Bumper Number: 1
Mapping Performance Maximum Mapping Area: 500m x 500m
Map definition: 5cm
Maximum Speed 0.7m/s
Hardware Interface Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbps
Power: DC 20-25.2V 5A Max
Wi-Fi: 5G&2.4G 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Software Interface SLAMWARE™, Windows/iOS/Android/Linux
Battery & Endurance Working Hours: approx. 8hrs
Autonomous Recharging Dock Charging Station
Input: 100~240 VAC
Output: 25.2V 6A Max
Charging Time :≤5hrs
Operating Environment Operating Humidity: 30%~70%