Boost digital supply chains and connected work with Augmented Reality and AI

TeamViewer’s Remote-as-a-Service platform spans from remote support to managed enterprise connectivity and IoT to operational workflow digitization.With our augmented reality (AR) software suite, TeamViewer Frontline Augmented Reality, an SAP endorsed app, frontline workers are connected to the critical data and information they need using smart glasses and mobile devices to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

From smart factories to digital supply chains and connected work – Industry 4.0 processes rely on Intelligent Technologies to run better.

Frontline enables SAP customers to digitalize industrial processes for logistics picking, assembly, quality assurance, inspections, maintenance and field service – extending the value of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio and S/4HANA solutions.

Enabling Tangible Business Outcomes for Our Joint Customers with Augmented Reality-Powered Processes

Increase Productivity and Minimize Machine Downtime

Increase productivity and minimize machine downtime by connecting technicians to remote experts through augmented reality remote support to solve complex on-site problems, from anywhere, anytime.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce inspection, maintenance, and repair costs with fast, precise troubleshooting by collaborating with remote experts in real time through instant AR support calls, initiated directly from SAP or smart glasses.

Optimize Knowledge Transfer

Optimize knowledge transfer by providing contextual, dynamic expert-guided visual steps to staff and external personnel on their smart glasses and mobile devices for more consistent service quality, higher efficiency, and fewer user errors in daily workflows and processes.

Enhance Service Models

Deliver exceptional, world-class service to customers with augmented reality remote support. Create new service models and improve your customer experience with AR-supported after-sales services and support.

Automate Digital Documentation

Achieve accurate and efficient digital documentation and quality assurance — 100% paperless. Automatically sync and store AR support calls, connection logs, troubleshooting procedures, and service reports with SAP, which can also be added to tickets for auditing and training.

Empower Connected Workforces

As a fully integrated workflow solution suite for frontline workers, TeamViewer Frontline empowers a truly connected workforce that’s more productive, collaborative, and satisfied.

Accelerating Industrial Shop Floor Digitalization, Together

With this partnership and the integration of TeamViewer Frontline we are focused on helping organizations across all industries to accelerate their digitalization journey by bringing innovative augmented reality technology directly to frontline workers.

This enables SAP customers to redesign and optimize manual work processes at a global scale, starting with maintenance and repair scenarios in industrial machinery and component manufacturing.

Re-imagining the Way Frontline Workers Work, Supported by Augmented Reality

TeamViewer Frontline and the dedicated augmented reality-based remote assistance solution will be seamlessly integrated into the SAP Service and Asset Manager, Field Service Management solutions, and the SAP console.

Leveraging wearables – such as smart glasses – and mobile devices, frontline workers can collaborate with remote experts for fast, precise troubleshooting and knowledge sharing through augmented reality-based see-what-I-see video remote assistance.

With direct access to instant remote support from their smart glasses and the SAP Service and Asset Manager mobile app, frontline workers and technicians get real-time visual guidance for complex procedures from the right expert – from anywhere, anytime.

Linking instructions directly to a work order creates a more seamless and intuitive use experience, and the automated logging of all performed tasks in SAP ensures full auditability and traceability of all actions.

Paving the Way for Future Innovation

This is just the first of many more integrations to come.

The powerful combination of TeamViewer Frontline – our fully integrated, end-to-end workflow solution suite for frontline workers – with SAP will profoundly drive the digital transformation of workplaces and processes for logistics, manufacturing, field service, as well as for training and general remote support.

We are already working on additional integrations to solve key challenges across other verticals and SAP solutions with one common goal: To help even more organizations across industries leverage augmented reality to optimize processes along the entire value chain.