Delivery made more efficient with Concierge Robot! 1 v 1 Delivery with greetings sent to visitors and also maintaining housekeeping!



Auto-recharging after task finished, keeping working
for 24 hours one day

Remote-control task

Online applet operation
No person onsite required

Safe Delivery

Support 24-Hour-Online Reception Of Delivery Tasks

Direct Delivery To Guest Rooms

Arrival notice

Call the room telephone or mobile phone numbers
to tell the guests to receive the goods

Remind if failing to receive

Countdown to pick-up time, and remind if no one
receives the goods

Flexible obstacle avoidance

Emphasizes the passing performance of narrow
spaces, slopes, obstacles, etc., and automatically
avoids obstacles without pressing feet

Self-service to take elevator

Self-developed elevator control system, suitable
for 99% of elevator brands on the market

Machine Dimension 480mm*912mm(H)
Machine Weight 45kg
Cabin Capacity 20.1L (253x246x213mm)
Body Material ABS
Load Capacity Max. 10kg
Screen Dimension 8-inch,1024×768
Battery Life > 4H
Movement Speed Max. 0.7m/s

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