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TeamViewer Frontline

Why TeamViewer Frontline?

The Revolution: A Truly Digitalized Workforce

With 80% of desk-less workers not digitalized yet. TeamViewer Frontline aims to revolutionize this workforce. In the same way Microsoft office revolutionized the everyday tasks of office employees. TeamViewer provide frontline workers with the appropriate digital tools so they can increase their productivity and develop a truly digitalised workforce

Our All-In-One AR Solution PlatformDedicated AR solutions meet the demands of our industrial customers to solve problems in a wide variety of use cases across the whole value chain. Our digital technologies provide enormous possibilities for process acceleration, reduced mistake rates, improved quality, and cost savings.

Augment Your Frontline Workforce with AI

With AiStudio add-on for Frontline, we are thrilled to present the obvious next step in empowering frontline workers: bringing AI capabilities to the shop floor.

Frontline is developing an actionable AI experience for our clients across use cases and sectors by fusing the benefits of AR and AI. This is a game-changer that will unleash enormous unrealized potentials for automating manual tasks and enhancing industrial worker safety.

AiStudio was also developed by us to be a self-service tool! You may construct picture and object recognition skills that are ready to use inside Frontline AR solutions with only a few easy clicks, making you an instant AI expert.


TeamViewer Frontline

TeamViewer Frontline is a fully integrated productivity solution platform. It improves work efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of today’s workforce – those who work outside the office and away from desks.

xPick: Exact Picking

  • Manual order
  • Picking inbound & outbound
  • Inventory & sorting

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xMake: Exact Assembly

    • Assembly instructions
    • Quality assurance
    • Training

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xInspect: Excellent Service

    • Maintenance & service
    • Guided diagnosis
    • Guided troubleshooting

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xAssist: Expert Support

    • Remote support
    • Service & after sales
    • Live troubleshooting

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TeamViewer frontline customers

“Thanks to TeamViewer’s innovative technology and excellent collaboration, we were able to improve our productivity while at the same time increase our picking quality and thus our customer satisfaction. It could not be better.”

“Digitalization is not just a vision or program for us at DHL Supply Chain, it’s a reality for us and our customers, and is adding value to our operations on the ground. Customers have been very happy about the productivity gains and are equally excited about using innovative technology at their warehouses.”

“Our goal is to simplify complexity with digital tools. Mixed Reality supports an interactive learning process without impairing the human senses. This facilitates the understanding of complex work processes and shows how digitalisation can support us.”

TeamViewer Frontline Hardware

We support you to integrate three classes of wearables: Smart glasses, smartwatches, and smart scanners.

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