Why TeamViewer Tensor?

TeamViewer Tensor enables remote experts to support any computer or mobile device – from anywhere, at anytime, on any platform – and fix technical issues to minimize downtime while, while improving IT and workforce productivity. TeamViewer Tensor secure remote connectivity powers internal support for organizations across all industries around the world.

Seamless Remote Support

Whether you’re running customer support, employee IT support, technical operations, supply chain management, or operational technology, your customer and employee experience depend on having fast, flexible, easy-to-use remote support technology that helps you solve technical problems as quickly and smoothly as possible — without compromising data security.

  • Deliver a next-gen customer and employee support experience for faster issue resolution, higher customer and employee satisfaction, and stronger brand loyalty and retention
  • Provide end-to-end encrypted remote support for any device or machine, whether manned or unmanned to reduce downtime and on-site repair costs
  • Enhance your customer service with secure next-gen support for mobile apps or web browsers, without accessing the entire device, ensuring customer privacy and GDPR-compliant support

Easy-to-Use Remote Access

When working from home or working on-the-go, your enterprise IT teams and employees can stay productive from anywhere with secure remote access to computers, mobile devices, servers, machines, or operational technology (OT). With TeamViewer Tensor remote access, their desktop files and corporate applications are always just a few clicks away. Enable your organization to work from anywhere to keep your business running efficiently — all without VPN.

  • Offer remote work flexibility by enabling your workforce to remotely connect to corporate computers and mobile devices across platforms, from anywhere, anytime
  • Remotely manage, monitor, and control industrial equipment and machines to improve operational efficiency, reduce issue resolution time, and maximize uptime
  • Maintain and manage enterprise servers and Android-based point-of-sale (POS) systems, troubleshooting problems from anywhere in real time to minimize unplanned downtime

TeamViewer Tensor


Instantly add remote access and remote control capabilities to any application with the TeamViewer Integration Suite

Enterprise IT Support

  • Keep employees productive and frustration-free
  • Help solve their IT problems faster with real-time remote support for your enterprise

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Customer Support

    • Provide instant remote support for customers anywhere, anytime, across devices and platforms
    • Securely connect to remote devices, access files, and applications, take control of remote systems, and troubleshoot problems as though you were there in person.

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Remote Work

    • Empower your employees to work securely from anywhere, anytime. Business travel, offsite meetings, or just working from home
    • Give your teams access to desktops, corporate servers, network files, and enterprise systems — without requiring a VPN

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Remote Access To Servers

    • Manage, maintain, and remotely control enterprise servers from anywhere, anytime for fast troubleshooting to minimize downtime

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Enterprise Remote Connectivity Solutions

Remote Work

  • Empower your employees to work anywhere at anytime.

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Remote IT Support

    • Provide remote IT support for employees

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IOT Connectivity

    • Connect, access and remotely control IOT devices

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Augmented Reality Workflows

    • Empower your frontline workforce with industrial augmented reality solutions
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Augmented Reality Remote Support

    • Provide easy, fast and secure augmented reality-powered visual assistance.

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Remote Management

    • Centrally manage, monitor, track, patch and protect your computers, devices and software.
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