This robot can automatically go to the region for full-coverage spraying and can be controlled via a mobile app to achieve man-machine separation and reduce staff exposure, resulting in considerably increased use safety. It is straightforward to maintain and administer due to it’s simple structure.

Dispersing Disinfectant like a Rocket

  • Total Tank Capacity: 12L

  • Spray Volume: 2600ml/h


Bubblefish is designed to purify the air by rapidly atomizing the liquid and automatically spraying the area.

Bubblefish can automatically navigate to the area for full-coverage spraying, and supports mobile App control to achieve man-machine separation and minimize personnel exposure, so that the use safety is greatly improved. With simple structure, it is easy to maintain and manage.

Can work without the tube as well!

Although it is small in size, but it gives out a Heavy Fog

Multiple groups of industrial grade ultrasonic atomizing heads with atomization volume of 4000ml / h make disinfection more efficient

Mobile App Friendly

Step 1. Mapping of Layout

Step 2. Marking of Points on the path and disinfection areas.

Step 3. Start Disinfection!

Machine Weight 22kg (without disinfectant)
Endurance Time 2 hour
Water Tank Volume 12L
Spray Quality 2.6L/H
Application Media Hypochlorous acid, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc
Safety Protection Lidar and various sensors, light reminder,
Running Speed 0.3m/s
Operation Mode App & Panel Control
Trafficability  Door ≥ 600mm, climbing ≤ 5 °, step ≤ 10mm
Communication Mode 4G & Wifi