Why NexLabs SmartRoom?

SMARTRoom on Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere

NexLabs SMARTRoom enables staff to find and reserve a meeting room, huddle
room, or a collaborative desk easily from any devices, such as PC, mobile phones and
interactive kiosks, anytime, anywhere. SMARTRoom also integrates with Microsoft
Outlook/O365, Google Calendar and Lotus Notes, thus allowing staff to book a
meeting room directly from calendar in email apps.

SMARTRoom Touch10 Panels outside Meeting Room

SMARTRoom Touch10 are 10” all-in-one interactive panels mounted outside a meeting room.
The panels are available in black or white color, and have unbeatable features such as Wall/Glass
mounting kit, POE, built in Mifare/HID card support, LED light indicators, Audio feedback….etc.
Staff tap their employee pass or enter a numeric pin to confirm, cancel or extend a meeting from
SMARTRoom Touch10 panels

Slim Chassis

  • Less than 3cm when
    installed on a partition
    or glass wall.


    • Support IEEE 802.at/af power over ethernet

LED Lights

    • LED Lights at front, left
      and right of panel
      showing room status.

Staff Pass

    • Support RFID/ Mifare/
      FelicCa and HID Cards

SMARTRoom Kiosk

SMARTRoom Kiosk software provides an interactive map of the office space so that staff can
locate and book the meeting room, collaborative space or shared desk with a staff card. The
hardware can be a metallic kiosk structure or a touch screen 32” LCD panel mounted on the
wall. Usually the hardware is located at the main office lobby or at the entrance of the office at
every floor so that it is easy for staff to access when they first enter office.

SMARTRoom Kiosk also provides Staff Finder and Way Finder functionalities. At the start of the
day, a staff can search for his co-worker and book a seat near-by to facilitate project
discussion. If the staff is new, the wayfinding feature will dynamically plot the shortest path to
each location from the kiosk.

Digital Content Management

SMARTRoom displays live room status information on large LCD TV. These TVs are most
commonly placed at the lobby or at the waiting area so that users and visitors can easily view
status and events of each room along with other corporate content. With the LCD monitor at
strategic locations, staff who needs to conduct ad-hoc meetings will know which resource is
available at a glance.

SMARTRoom Screen Designer module is a comprehensive digital signage system. The webbased screen designer enables administrator to design and schedule digital content for display
on the screen. The screen designer software can easily segment a large screen into multiple
zones showing different content. It can also be used to create a playlist of corporate videos
and images.

SMARTRoom Analytics

SMARTRoom Management Reports provide the administrator with insights to understand howprecious resources such as meeting room and desk are utilized. The web interface allowsadministrator to generate any report for any time period.

Resource Utilization Report

Resource Regained Report

Resource Utilization over Time

Favourite Resources Report

Top N No-Show Users

Top N Responsible Users

Visitor Traffic

Visitor In-Building during Emergency

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